right now there is Storyteller on sale and would like to do something similar in my game. Although, I don't know how much effort it takes to recreate this with ORK. That's why I consider using other assets (also Naninovel) for making it even easier but for this I have to know if it works and how much work it takes to include it.

Or would it be easier to do it with ORK?

Thanks in advance.
  • I'm not really familiar with these assets - I know what they do, but I have never tried them.

    Generally, if their functionality can be called via scripting, e.g. by having a component on a game object in the scene, ORK is capable of starting them via function nodes in ORK events. Alternatively, you can also write a custom event node (or commission one) to handle that and maybe wait for it to finish before continuing ORK's event.
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