Hey everyone!

Mython Island my monster taming roguelike has officially released for Steam Early Access as of today!

Steam Page:

The game has launched with a price of $9.99 USD with a 10% discount for early adopters. Feature wise the game as of version 0.1.0 is roughly 85% complete. It includes the full story mode run for you to complete, a basic version of the survival mode run that will be iterated on, roughly 90 Mython for you to encounter, and dozens of skills and items to collect and use.

The plan going forward will be to fix any sort of bugs that may pop up, and then go forward with adding more content into the game. I would like to add roughly 20-30 more Mython, dozens more skills, and a good handful of new items to use as well as a brand new Game Mode in addition to the two currently in the game.

If you have any questions or any issues please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Created with ORK entirely, huge thank you to GIL for the incredible tool and support.
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    Good luck!
    I'm looking forward to the next test project I'll get to fix (ORK) bugs :D
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