When saving, my game is saving the data object by converting it to a string.
I want to reduce its file size.
I don't want to store unnecessary data, but I want to know what it is for.

1. When I look at data objects, there are numerous dictionaries.. intData.. subdata etc. However, it seems that non-basic data such as textureData, audioData, and guiSkinData are also stored.
This value is stored as null and takes up storage size space unnecessarily.

What is the purpose of using these Unity datatypes under the subarrayData codeline?
If I don't save this, will there be problems with save/load?

In other words, in order to reduce the string size (which stores all null data such as generalAssetData and eventData dictionary) rather than saving it as an existing xml, we are considering converting it to a string of another format.

The default int, float and booldata are considered important(i think).
But what is the purpose of textureData audioData gameObjectData guiSkinData materialData fontData generalAssetData eventData?

These are saved in the editor, do I need to save them separately? (Texture that changes at runtime..?)

thanks for great support always!
  • Both the editor data and save data use the same functionality to save data - but the save data doesn't contain any asset references, i.e. textures, audio clips, etc. are not included in save games and don't take up any space. Also, since there are no assets in the save data, they'll also not be converted into XML texts.

    The save game is only text/XML :)
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