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1. Currently,my game chance Settings is set to min 0 max 100.
In the loot setting, I want the item to appear with the probability as 0.1% and 0.001%, so can I just set the loot chance to 0.1? (I am wondering if a decimal point is possible.)
Or should I set the chance setting to 0~1000? and set loot chance to a value equal to 1 ?? ( for 0.1% )
What should I do for a value such as 0.0001 item chance with such low probability?

2. Can I change the difficulty while the game is running??
(I.e monster spawned by spawner with different difficulty or monsters with different difficulty when respawning)
if player goes to different area, I want to have a monster with different difficulty
(a monster with the same level but stronger).
Is it possible?

3.How to change the difficulty in the script?

ps.It would be nice if there was an option to set the item type in the root setting! (Setting one by one can be difficult to understand)

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  • 1) Chances of 0.1 or 0.001 are possible - but I'm not sure how far down you can go, as that's up to Unity's random number generator.

    2) Yes, but it'll only affect the stats of newly spawned combatants, i.e. already existing combatants are still having their original stats.

    3) Like this:
    ORK.Game.Difficulty = index;
    index is the ID/index of the difficulty you want to use.
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