I have a hand armor equipment. Prefab have 2 child objects, Left hand & Right hand. I added 2 equipment viewer components to left and right hand bones. Then added child links to both components and,
Set the child name as "Lefthand" & "Righthand".
Set the link to Root as "Hands" for both.

Instead of rendering one hand on each side, this render both hands on each sides. Maybe I'm linking wrong? My hand prefab is simple. Prefab name is "Hands", Childs are "Lefthand" & "Righthand".
  • I assume both hands are part of the prefab? In that case using 2 equipment viewers will naturally display the prefab twice, showing 4 hands.

    For that setup I'd recommend using 1 equipment viewer on a game object that's a parent to both hands (e.g. just on the root of the combatant) and use the child linking to show the stuff on the hands.
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    Thank you.
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