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    Hi guys!

    Here i am back with my old project!

    It is totally revamped, story needs to be re-placed again, but i totally changed gui / phisics / controls..

    I would like to have as more feedbacks as possible, try some dialogues, battles out of the town: every critics is very welcome!

    - Site Down -

    Thanks a lot to everyone!

    Kae :)
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    For some reason I had trouble getting the Unity web player view on Chrome but using Mozilla Firefox it works well. : )

    I like the intro music--it goes with your calm and creative personality. : )

    I like the dialogues before the Shops.

    I like the addition of the on screen Dpad because most of the games I play are on mobile and it makes it so much easier. The graphic of the dpad needs to be sharper because sometimes it fades into the surroundings. I was looking for a sprint button. : )

    I really like gamingislove's cheerful music. : )

    I got to a battle and like the console pop up. I like Turn-based too. : )

    I think the question mark should show up nearer the person who triggers it if posstble.

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