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Hey Gil!

I've been experimenting with some large multi-piece enemies recently, and a problem has popped up: the ORK damage numbers will always appear at the position of the combatant.

Normally, this is fine; the enemies are generally small enough that it doesn't matter.

However, on big enemies with multiple damage zones and the combatant far in the back due to necessary hierarchy needs: the damage appears far off rather than the damage zone you're currently hitting.

Is there something (optionally, even) we can add where the ORK damage visuals will spawn at the position where damage zones meet damage dealers? Is this already possible?

Edit: We've solved this position using a bit of a hack, (having the combatant root follow its own child, and adjusting the children's positions to negate the positions of the parent, lol :U ) but it would be a nice option to add!
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