I would like to, via scripting, be able to add and remove Combatants to the Player's 'Battle Group' but still leave the Combatant as part of the Player's 'Party'. This is so they can swap the Combatant in and out at will. I've tried using


This seems to remove them from the Party as well. I feel I'm being really stupid here and it's late but could someone point where I'm going wrong. Do I need to remove them from the Battle using LeaveBattle() then add them back via Join()?
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  • JoinBattle and LeaveBattle are the correct functions. While JoinBattle will also join the combatant to the group if it isn't a member yet, LeaveBattle will only leave the battle group and the combant is still a member of the group.

    Depending on the group/scope you're displaying (e.g. in your menus), you might only display or operate on the battle group members instead of all members.
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