Hello everyone,

is it possible to add for example a image with a text inbetween the fading of two scenes?

For example you walk to a cave and as soon as you enter the cave you activate the scence changer - screen fades black - a image of the cave with a text of the name or information appears - screen fades to black - and you are in the new scene.

Thanks for your support.

  • Remove the auto fade in from the scene transition so you load into the new scene with a black screen.
    Then on an auto-event in the new scene have it spawn the image that is set to a Screen Fader GUI Layer (checked on), it will show up in front of the faded screen. Then you can fade in afterward.
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  • Thanks for your reply. I am quite a beginner - so i hope i can manage to recreate what you just wrote ;)
    Very much appreciate it!
  • You can also use HUDs for that - the Changing Scene game state can be used as a display condition to show during scene changes. Make sure to use a GUI box that's placed on a GUI layer above the screen fader, though.

    Another alternative would be using 3rd party load screen assets, which you can implement with ORK via the Unity wrapper functionality (see Game > Game Settings at the bottom for this).
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  • Thanks GIL,
    i can only repeat myself - I am quite a beginner - so i hope i can manage to recreate what you just wrote ;) haha

    Great and quick support as always.
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