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hi !
1. Is the description of the access handler added in version 2.31 added to the tutorial?

2. Can I know the date of the next update of Orc 2 scheduled in early April? (To predict my game's next patch date)

3.Is there a way to call another game event in one event node? (Not a move event or a global eventStep)
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  • 1) No, the tutorial wasn't updated for this - but you can check out all the functions in the base implementation of the access handler, each function is documented on what it's doing.

    2) Currently planned for next Friday (April 9), but you never know if something will postpone it for some time. E.g. I'm doing Unity 2021.1 compatibility tests next week, if there are issues it might delay the release.

    3) There's no built-in node for that, but you could write a custom one to do it.
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