Is it possible to directly load the game via DataObject for testing purposes in the game scene
(not the main menu scene), such as ORK.Game.NewGame (false);?

I am currently starting the game for testing purpose via ORK.Game.NewGame (false) in my main game scene, but it is difficult to test because it is initial data(i.e. not saved data).

ORK.SaveGame.SetLoadData (DataObject);
so I am using above function, but there is a hassle of having to change the scene through the main menu every time.
(to use save DataObject)

1. So question is, When calling SetLoadData (DataObject);, is there a way to immediately load it like NewGame (false) without changing the scene?
  • No, that's not possible - loading a save game will either load the saved scene or, when not saving position, the defined scene.
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