In my game the player can open the player menu (a menu screen) anywhere in the world, and it currently contains Quest and Save menu parts. The Player and Quest menu (both menu screens) have "Pause Game" and "Freeze Pause" enabled and, as expected, when I'm in either screen the game pauses (most notably, the enemy move ai stops). When I select "Save" though, I'm taken to the Save Menu, but the game does not remain paused (the enemies resume moving).

Is it possible to pause the game while in the save menu? I cannot find any option similar to the menu screens to do so in the "Save Game Menu" area.

Thanks for your help.
  • I don't have any answer, but I'd also like to know this, too.
  • Uh ... yeah, seems like that's missing - no idea why this was never mentioned by anyone in the last 10 years :D

    Will add that in the next update!
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  • Works great now. Thanks!
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