How do I show status values/attributes (equipment benefits) in item tooltip?
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    Ok. You need to write %bonus in the description of an item itself.
    You need to do that for each item i guess.
    And write %d in tooltip element.

    With that I was able to show bonuses.

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    But now there is another related question.

    How to show bonuses and the difference in brackets. Plus if bonus positive it should be drawn with green color if it is negative it should be drawn with red color. If nothing changes it should be drawn with white color. (Like that is done in status list).

    Can I somehow override that %bonus keyword, maybe?
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  • You can edit Bonus Text in "Menu" -> "Text Display Settings". Scroll until you see the Bonus options.
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    Maximum that I can do from there - give a color for positive and negative values.
    I still can not give difference that changing equipment will give.

    I saw custom text codes section. But this is just a collection of texts and already available keywords.

    Can I somehow create new keyword that (once encountered) will execute c# script (or ork's formula) (with known context object) and return back some string(s) that will be injected back in current drawn text?
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  • The %bonus text code adds information (according to your text display setup) of the equipment's stats - if you want to show how it changes a combatant's status, you need to do this via a Combatant HUD that uses preview values.
    A tooltip can't do that.
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  • Combatant HUD shows everything at once.
    Imagine you have 100 stats and you will need to scroll all of them just to know that current changes will be done.

    I guess I could somehow cheat. Create string game variable and change it as I like upon inspecting (calculate currently equiped benefit and format them through code). And show that through custom text code (more/game variable).

    I would still prefer some built in way to get information in text from custom code by calling formula or c# static method.
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