I created a custom movement and controller script to move my player around, and I successfully connected it to ORK Framework so that when I encounter a battle is blocks all movement control and I can no longer move my combatant. However, it also continuously loops the animation of the last direction my player was moving in and doesn't revert back to its non-moving idle state. When ORK blocks control does it freeze the script somehow so it thinks it is still moving in that direction? I'm having a real hard time tackling this problem and would love a little outside perspective!
  • ORK will disable (block) and enable (unblock) the control components you set up.

    Depending on how your movement script works, you might need to do something when this happens in the OnDisable and OnEnable functions of the component. E.g. if you're moving via a character controller, you probably need to move it with a Vector3.zero direction to cancel out the previous movement/speed when it's disabled.
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