Hi everyone,

I recently ported Lost Soldiers to mobile and I need to put in a tutorial. I have a blocking event right now that disable all of my hud, I want to enable each one of them one by one to show as a tutorial but when I use the unblock hud game event it doesn't unblock my hud. Can anyone show me how to show my hud element one by one in a tutorial format for my players.

Thank you.
  • Well, if your HUDs are set up to not display with the current game state (e.g. blocking events), you'll not be able to do that.

    Instead, I'd use the Block HUD node at the start of your event to block the HUDs and unblock them (using the same node) as needed. So, either don't block your HUDs during blocking events, or don't use a blocking event for that :)
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  • Thank you, the tutorial is up and ready.
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