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So I'm attempting to make a slide puzzles that has a few rules the tiles follow.
This isn't my area of expertise so I'm explaining as best as I can...

Explanation :
I created a grid of prefabs, 3x4, each one assigned a single and double digit variable for its position.
So top left is 11, top middle is 12, middle left is 21... ext.

Which tile is in which position is tied to a variable with that position as its name "11" has a float value for which tile is at 11.
a 0-7 float.

The player chooses 2 tiles, which either swap places or 'activate'
I want to set a X and Y variable so that Ork can just add the 2 together and use that value to check the tile and the position (without doing tons of game variable forks)


Is there a way to convert a game variable float to a string? I think if I do that I can check the game variable as a game variable string

Over complicating things.
I just needed the prefab to send itself as a string to the tile checker global event.
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