I am not sure I fully understand how the player groups work and for some reason I am having trouble finding a way to get all the combatants from the Player's group and bringing them into the Battle Group through a Battle Event.

I keep getting stuck on what nodes I need to use to find all the members of the Player's Party. I assume once I have them I can then systematically add them to the Battle Group one by one. So basically, how can I swap a non battle party member with a blank slot in the player's battle group in an event? I know it can be done through menus but I was hoping there is a way to do it in an event also.
  • The player's group has a limit on how many combatants can be in the battle, which is defined in Game > Game Settings > Player/Group Settings via the Battle Group Size. The default in a new project is 3, so if you need more (player) combatants in battle, you need to increase that number.
    You can also use the event system to change the max battle group size during the game.

    To get all player group members, you can use the Select Combatant node - enable Use All Combatants and e.g. the Non Battle combatant scope to get all non-battle members of the group. The used actor needs to be the player (or a member of the player group).

    Once you've stored the members into selected data, you can also use them directly in the Join Battle Group node by enabling Use Game Object and using the Selected Data object type.
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