Hi everyone,

I have a bit of a strange issue. After doing some test our game was too hard and fast so we went ahead with our plan to add in the battle menu. I added in the battle menu and it made the game 5x better but now for some reason part of the screen where the battle menu it isn't working when I'm holding down the mobile joystick so I can't rotate or zoom with that part of the screen.


The blue area is the area that I can't rotate at all when I hold down the mobile joystick. Other than that the game is great, if you want to see how the bug is, we have the game here:


Can anyone help me solve this issue please.

Thank you.
  • Most likely due to the battle menu blocking the click/touch input - though that should only happen when it's displayed.

    Disabling Cursor Over in the GUI box of the battle menu should solve this.
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  • Thanks, i moved the gui box from the middle to the right hand side qnd it fixed it. But i think this would have fixed it if the box was in the middle.

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