Wondering how best to set up AoE attacks or multi target attacks that deal damage to one character, and then to another in sequence based on battlespot or arrangement. Example would be like a chain lightning ability that hits one player then bounces to the next in sequence, or an attack where a character does multiple slashes on different characters in a single attack.
  • That's all handled via the battle event animating your action.

    Multiple hits on one combatant? Use the Calculate node for each hit.

    Attacking combatants in sequence? Store the targets into selected data via Select Combatants (you can also e.g. get the battle group of the target if the original ability only targets a single combatant), use a Select Selected Data node to get one of the targets (and remove it from the stored data) and use a Calculate node with Use Other Targets settings to damage that one combatant (and do the rest of your animation stuff on the selected single target).
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