Hello GiL,

I'm curious if it's possible to make a custom script, that will pretty much call the ORK command that would check last manual save slot of the player (1 out of 3 possible) and then call a script with it and save it without him doing it manually from time to time.

Reason I wanna do this is, that the Autosave slots seems to be bugging out with regular ones where I get some red errors and it sometimes corrupts the data.

Let me know, thanks.
  • ORK.SaveGame.LastIndex
    Gives you access to the last used save index, either from saving or loading the game.

    However, it's not limited to manual save slots, so it could also be the auto save slot.

    Generally, ORK.SaveGame gives you access to all save game related functionality, e.g. saving and loading the game.
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