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I'm trying to use an ability depend on different trigger enters. (Or use different animations depend on different trigger enters). My Combatant have 4 different colliders(set to triggers) and I need to use a different animation depending on which trigger the "X" gameObject has entered.
This is simply using for 4 direction block animation. (If attack enters the left trigger, left block animation will be played.)

Is there a different way to do this? And what is the best way to do this?

I'm trying this with new ORK3 Beta.
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    You could play around with the orientation of the player to the opponent (Is the opponent to the left side of the player at the moment of the attack? If so -> Left block) This is a node you could use in the battle event.

    I might be wrong about this but I'm fairly sure having 4 trigger colliders on the same parent will lead to only 1 getting used for events placed on it. You'd want 4 children for each direction instead.
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    @Wrofir Thanks for pointing out. I don't think that the trigger method is efficient either. Using orientation should work but the issue is that it's only for 4 directions. I need to use it for different height angles too. I'm still trying out different methods to get this working.
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  • If you're using damage dealers/zones here, that could be handled by a schematic on the damage zones - i.e. you need to set up damage zones for the individual areas you want to handle differently.

    Otherwise, a combination of Check Orientation (or Orientation Fork) and Check Height Differences nodes to check where the "X" game object is in relation to the combatant.
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