Trying to make an ability that launches a fireball at a target, which will then bounce and hit the target behind the initial target. How would I do this kind of multi-target ability, more specifically what would be the best way to access the secondary combatant in the battle event?
  • If it's using damage dealers/zones for damage, you'd simply have to move the fireball in that direction.

    Otherwise, you need to find the right combatants. There are 2 ways for that.

    1) Use a Search Combatants node to get all possible targets within a defined range. Use a Check Angle and/or Check Orientation node to use the combatants that are in the back of the combatant (maybe limited to an angle range).
    Finally, use the combatant in another Calculate step as other target.

    2) Use a Combatant Trigger component on your combatants to know who's in the back. Use the Select Combatant Trigger node to get those combatants and use them in a Calculate step as other target.
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