Hi, I am working on a RPG which exposes the story in form of a storyboard (or a visual novel). This style is also present in "Pillars of Eternity", where cutscenes (on several occasions) were exposed as a storyboard with accompanying music, voiceover and tab buttons.

I am not a artist/UI expert, so please bear with me. How do you add organic screen transitions to a storyboard ? Just like in POE, we want to transition the drawings being displayed in an organic manner. E.g. The image fades away/ fades in as patches. Another example of this that I can think of is the Marauders Map from HP. Thanks

P.S. I am a noob as far as textures/shaders go. Would appreciate some detail or direction for better understanding.
  • You can e.g. use image nodes (Add Nodes > UI > Image) to show/fade/move images around as you want. Tab buttons could be handled by a dialogue styled that way - and music/voiceover is pretty standard, just playing music and audio clips :)

    Otherwise, you can also use other Unity/3rd party functionality in combination with ORK/Makinom, e.g. doing that stuff in using timeline.
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