I am working on an RPG game in which Progression is an important mechanic and informing the player about the same is crucial. For that we intend to have a Progression Tree which will be very similar to Civ 6 Tech Tree. I am attaching an image for reference.

I believe that the Research Tree feature combined with Schematics, will help to implement the backend functionality of the progression. Unfortunately, I am not good at UI development and would appreciate some guidance.

I guess including a Menu Screen, with Research Menu Part would be the first step. How exactly, do we implement the Research Blocks. Does it need to be a HUD ? I guess we might need to create a custom layout to arrange the research blocks. Do we need to wrap the Research Blocks with a UI Box Prefab that has HUD components on them ?

P.S. The Progression Tree is only for display and not interactive. What the player can research next, will be handled separately from some interactive menu or through Interaction machines(that are locked/unlocked based on how much you have progressed)

IMG: image

  • Hm, I'd say the best approach would probably be using placed inputs - in the Input Settings of the UI Box component you can add inputs (e.g. buttons) that are already added to your UI box prefab.
    That way you can exactly position them as you want - they're used in the order they're added to fill them with the content from the menu. Unused inputs (e.g. 10 placed inputs, menu only uses 5) are not shown (disabled).

    For advanced info display for the individual research items, I'd use HUDs as part of the inputs - either already added to the buttons directly or via HUD templates in the research menu setup (item content layout). When having the HUD as part of the button, make sure to use the HUD HUD type in the content layout of the menu, without selecting a HUD.
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