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Hi guys, im planning to mix my rpg with some farming mechanics and relationship mechanics. I'm still in the middle of learning ork framework test ver but as far as i concern, i dont see anything in the tutorial which mention below questions.

So here come the questions.

1. Is there a way to achieve farmland interaction, growing crops through time/date? ( eg - after i planted something and keep watering everyday, i want that crops to grow with time)

Is that possible to achieve with ork somehow? Directly or indirectly? Thank you in advance guys.

( P.S I know C#as well)
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  • It's not part of the game tutorial series (which focuses on ORK's RPG features), but the gameplay tutorials have some related tutorials available, e.g.:
    - time and day
    - harvesting items

    Generally, you'll use the event system and Event Interaction components for this.
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  • I've done something similar, although it wasn't in real time, I know you can do real time through a few extra steps. It's doable and not too difficult.
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    I remember doing something similar as well. It was a small project trying to emulate a Harvest Moon game with RPG mechanics.

    To answer the question. Yes, it's possible with ORK and event systems.

    That said, if it's something complex. You're much better off coding your own farming systems and hooking it to ORK through custom event nodes. For example, when player hits a crop, ORK calls a public method onto the crop object to destroy it.
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