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Hello GiL,
This is ORK 2 (2.34.0) with Unity 2020.2.1f, I have setup an Ability with use Animate Action, in the Battle Event I'm just calling a mecanim animation, and I ca see it during the battle. The issue is that if I use Animate Action then none of the Use Cost, User Changes and Target Changes are executed. Am I missunderstanting the usage of Animate Action?

By the way this ability is called using control maps and at the end of an action combo
The goal is to have the player perform an special movement when casting the last action in the combo.

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  • Does the battle event have a Calculate node in it or has Calculation Needed enabled in it's settings node?

    Otherwise, your battle event just animates the action, but the outcome (including use costs, etc.) is never calculated.
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  • Thanks @gamingislove I forgot to add the Calculate node in the Battle Event 'face palm', now it is working as expected ;)
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