In the Ork tutorial, it shows examples of physical attack type and elemental attack type, size, and species.

Just trying to think of other ways to use modifiers. A lot of the things I think of end up being status values so I'm just trying to use Ork to its maximum.
Currently making: Real-Time Diablo-like ARPG
  • Came up with ideas;

    Attack Modifiers
    - Damage Types (explosive, blast, etc)

    Defense Modifiers
    - Elemental Resistance
    - Status Resistance
    Currently making: Real-Time Diablo-like ARPG
  • Well, they can be whatever you want :)

    Attack/defence modifiers are just that - modifiers for the status value changes.

    Attack modifiers give attributes to attacks, e.g. element, damage type, weapon type (e.g. blunt weapons, sharp weapons, piercing weapons), etc.

    Defence modifiers give attributes to combatants, e.g. size, race or anything else that could be used to modify damage.

    It's an optional feature and you don't have to use it, though.
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