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I'm currently running through tutorials now and i keep wondering is ork right for me and my type of game, since my game is heavily story driven. Please, kindly answer my questions. Thank you.

1. Is it possible to move NPC to certain location after some game events? or certain days passes?

2. Is it possible to spwn npc? ( eg- child birth)

3. Is it possible to replace NPC mesh? ( eg - NPC arm chopped off after certain game events and i want to replace his mesh with another mesh which dont have one arm)

4. Is it possible to implement dynamic day/time system and add game events to certain days?

5. Is developer still accepting commission work? If above features aren't in the ork, is it possible to make it with commission work?

I'm sorry for my english and thank you in advance.
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  • 1-4) Yes, all of that is possible by using game events, variables and components like the Game Object Manager to enable/disable game objects in your scenes based on conditions (e.g. variables).

    E.g. having an NPC at a different location (or a new NPC after childbirth) would use a separate game object with a Game Object Manager component that turns those game objects on or off. E.g. childbirth sets a global bool variable 'childBorn' to true, the manager checks for that variable and turns the child's game object in the scene on based on it.

    5) Yes, I'm still accepting commissions - however, due to the upcoming ORK 3 release I'm currently focusing on that, so I don't have time before February/March this year :)
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