EDIT:: Nevermind, I figured it out! Can't figure out how to delete this thread post, though, so I guess I will leave it up in case anyone makes the same silly mistake as me.

It turns out I had messed up when I was adding the areas and I had clicked "add component" instead of "create object" and as a result I had a bunch of extra "area" components on my various game objects. So if you're a beginner like me make sure to be careful about when you add a component vs an object!

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Hello. I'm totally new here-- just got Ork framework a few weeks ago, and I'm also new to Unity, so this question is probably pretty basic, and my apppologies if it's already been asked before. I have a question on a tutorial and I wasn't sure if this was the best place to ask it.

I'm following the game tutorial. So far it's working pretty well, although there have been a few parts that were confusing (especially since I think the tutorial is based on an earlier version? I'm not sure.) But for the most part I've figured things out.

One thing that seems to be not working though.... I followed tutorial #7 and did exactly what it said to do, but something weird is happening. The text showing the areas is popping up correctly, when my character enters a new area but then it's not clearing automatically. Then, when the character enters a new area, it will display the new area, but then eventually go back to displaying the old area once they leave that area. So for instance, it will show "town entrance" and then "tree square" when I walk to the tree square, but then once I leave the tree square, it will show "town entrance" again, even though my character is not in the town entrance anymore.

This is even happening when I move to the field scene-- it will show the field scene area, and then once that clears it will show the previous town areas.

I'm sure there must be some option to delete the old notification when a new notification shows up, but I can't figure out what it is, and the tutorial doesn't mention anything about this.



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