Under level settings, you can change prefab, price, and equip requirements, but you can't change it's name.
% only adds a numeral, and I'd rather change the whole text string of the equipment name.
Is there any other way of renaming equipment?

For additional context, I recently started looking at using equipment level settings to make several different strength levels of a sword. Then I can have an enemy drop a level 5 sword or a level 20 sword depending on enemy level.

But say I change not just bonuses but also equipment abilities based on level - before I would manually make three swords for this use case.

Short Sword
Burning Long Sword (with a burn status effect on hit)
Firestorm Scimitar (with the skill Firestorm, that hits all enemies and burns)

I could make one item, Scimitar and have each of these be higher levels. But I'd want such a drastic change to have a different name, rather than Scimitar+5
  • You can do this via game events - the level settings have the Init Game Event available, which will be used when creating that level of the equipment or leveling up an equipment to that level.

    The game event has access to the equipment itself via selected data (key action) and can use the Change Selected Data Name node to change the name to whatever you want.

    You can also use this for other things, e.g. having an NPC upgrade your weapons (adding status bonuses) and changing the name.
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