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I would like to use this alternative setup, but I don't understand the instructions.
It says that I can do it without Prefab, but I can't.

First of all, to keep it simple, I want a TextMeshPro object that displays the Player's HP in a DoozyUI Canvas (Not ORK Generated Canvas).

I don't want to create a Prefab for the HUD.
1: Because it will only be used once.
2: Because I want to use the DoozyUICanvas layout that I adjusted in the scene view.
3: Because I don't want to use the layout function of ORK as a Prefab (because it's hard to understand and I'm tired of repeating trial and error by saving ORK and running play mode every time).
4: Because it takes about 10 seconds to enter Play mode every time.
5: Canvas in DoozyUI is not Prefab. It exists in the scene from the beginning, and is always there with Don't Destroy even if the scene changes, and is responsible for all UI Navi with excellent batch changeable UI animations and sounds.
 It's easy to customize and can't be removed.

So I want to use SINGLE mode.
screen shots here

I added Status Value(single) from Hierarchy in DoozyUI Canvas and selected [1:HP] for Status Value.
I want to set a Player in the HUD comopnent because of the [Requires a combatant] description, but I don't know how to do this.
If I play as is, the HUD becomes Disabled.

What should I do from here?
Please tell me how to do this without using prefab.
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