Hi, I'm trying to figure out possible reasons why my Move to Base event returns characters to not quite to their exact Base, or Battle Spot. Most colliders are disabled when battles start so characters can pass through each other. In my MoveToBase event, I'm using a Change Position node, moving the User to the User Base Waypoint. I've tried messing with many different settings like ignore height distance, but when I check their spots in the inspector during a battle after they've used the MoveToBase event, it's always a few decimal points off. Any ideas what could be causing this?

Note* When I uncheck the "Move" box in the Change Position node, the event does work properly and puts them at the exact right spot.
  • If you're moving by speed, enable the Stop At Target option.

    Otherwise, you can add another Change Position node after the move and directly set them to the position to make sure :)
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  • Thanks as always :)
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