Hey, I've created some custom choices on my main menu for displaying "instructions" and "credits" however instead of just being invoked when pressed/clicked, they are both being invoked when I start the game.

In my scene I have a game object for each with their corresponding event interaction. "Start Type" is set to None, and I have a lightweight script on the game object that just consists of:

public class EventInteractionStarter : MonoBehaviour
[SerializeField] private EventInteraction eventInteraction;

public void Start()
Debug.Log("Starting Event", eventInteraction);

In my main menu settings I have "Component Name" set to "EventInteractionStarter", "Function Name" set to "Start", and Search Name set to the name of the game object (either "CreditsStarter" or "InstructionsStarter").

I can see when I load the game that "Starting Event" in the script above is logged twice and the events are started. I would expect "Start" would NOT be called until the button is pressed/clicked.

Any idea what might be happening here? Thanks for your help. Also side note, looking forward to ORK 3, and the eventual migration tool :)
  • Okay I removed the custom choices and the same thing happened and I suddenly realized I used a reserved method "Start" that gets called whenever the object is created *facepalm".

    Apologies for the trouble. Still looking forward to ORK 3 though :D
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