So I am trying to move my project, that I started in ORK2 to ORK3 and encountered strange problem:
In my original project I used custom camera control(modified Top Down ARPG camera controller). And since it needs player object set as target I used Custom script to set it(based on Camera Control wrapper example). In ORK2 setup was really easy - Select None as default camera controller and then add my script by Custom camera control menu. But in ORk3 when I select None in camera control type, there are no option to add custom control. Is it hidden somewhere else or this option is not in ORK3 yet?

And if it is not in ORK, what could be the workaround of this? Script that controls camera needs player object set as a target, but as player object is not in the scene while game is not running, this cannot be done.
  • It still works the same in ORK 3, but the settings are a bit moved, due to them being Makinom settings (same as the collision camera).

    You can now add your custom controls in Base/Control > Game Controls in the Player Settings > Control Behaviours settings.
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