I wanted to make this post after Ork 3 was released. A few of these I already mentioned but I wanted to rewrite them in case they were forgotten. If some of these are just not practical I understand. Take what you feel would be useful.

Features I requested/need at the moment:
-Auto learning for logs and log text based on requirements like variables/status/quest/etc.
-Encryption support for the node "Store Variables"
-The ability to use a custom sub-menu in Equipment->Slot Box Setting the same way you can when you click on an item in Equipment Box Setting AND/OR allow to set a custom unequip key input for Slot Box Setting instead of just Accept Unequips.
-Some form of Variable Templates support for Initial Variables (I believe you have something in mind for this already?)

QOL features:
-Manually setting the ID/Index value of items in a list. (I think this might be a unity limitation but if we can set the index the same why we can set the GUID I believe that would allow for easier organization of items instead of just depending on dragging an item across 100s of different items)
-Selecting multiple list items and copy/paste/delete them
-Have the Search/Filter and Sort option remember your last inputs so you don't have to re-type if your going back and forward for testing

GUI Improvements:
-Support for drop down list
-A more dynamic menu navigation similar to unity's (the scrolling is by object proximity instead of listing order)

Scripting Improvements:
-Support for Enum type variables

Random Features (big requests!)
-Glossary System: A menu system that list all items/equipment/quest/combatants/variables as you interact/unlock them throughout the game. You can set a default value for hidden items or just hide the item if it still hasn't been discovered. This list can be saved with the main files or saved separately from the main save files (I'm not sure how this would be implemented but many rpgs use this system for collection/achievement purposes)
-Support for looping through items/equipment/quest/combatants/logs/ etc. There are time when I need to do the same action for certain items or equipment but I can only do it one item at a time. This can get pretty repetitive. I imagine there would need to be a few custom nodes made to loop through items. An example I can think of is looping by type or index. Then you use requirements to limit the items to be looped even more.
-A Behavior Tree: A built in behavior tree for better battle/game AI
-A Player Controlled AI system similar to Final Fantasy 12. (I believe this is already possible with AI behavior/rulessets ( I haven't tested it) but if not I wanted to include this to be sure)
  • Always good to have feature requests - keep them coming :)
    Can't promise on anything, though.
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