I'm using Turn Based Battles and currently when I use an ability I see the effects applied immediately to the opposing combatant, and then it becomes the opponents turn. All of this happens before the ability animation can finish. The anims barely even start before it is the opponent's turn.
Is there a way to wait for an animation to finish before applying the damage to the opponent? If so is there a way to do this with some variability since different ability animations are different durations?
If this is possible would waiting to apply the damage also wait to switch to the opponent's turn?

  • In the 3d Playground Tutorial it has waits in it. I'd double-check the tutorial and make sure you set your schematic up the same. It's the battle animation schematic that handles everything you're talking about.
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    Thanks! I'm using ORK Framework 2.3 still and it seems like schematics are a 3.0 thing(?), but you got me looking through some of the other tutorials and I see that the Damage Dealer setting on the ability is probably what I am looking for.
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  • Schematics replaced events in ORK 3, so the same thing applies in ORK 2, just using your events instead :)

    Generally, your battle events animating your actions do damage (or whatever your action does) when the Calculate node is used, or when using damage dealers/zones, when they hit the target (while they're activated).
    If you're using Calculate and wait for an animation to finish before it, I'd guess that your animation's duration isn't reported correctly. You're probably using Mecanim animations?
    In that case, Mecanim doesn't report any duration unless you set it up correctly in the ORK animation settings (Base/Control > Animations). That's handled by the Duration Type setting, e.g. using the Animation Clip to get the duration. For this, you need to have the correct name of the used animation clip.
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