Is there a language tutorial using Ork 2? I would like to support different languages, but at the moment the only way I could think of is to make every dialogue check for the chosen language and choose the proper text node.
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    Hey @Wrofir this is like the game difficulty settings, it will default to the language at index 0 in the ORK Editor if no other option was selected during Main Menu Difficulties options or Language options in your case, and of course the changed Game settings needs to be saved to persist. There's no need to constantly check the current language, the framework will use the selected one by default.
    To quickly test languages switching you can use an ORK Game Event to change the language by Input Key, or use the Debug Console implemented in one of my videos ;)
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  • You set up languages in Game > Languages (and can also enable which one will be the default/initial language).

    You can define your content (names of abilities/items/etc., dialogue texts and every other text in the framework) in each language you've added.
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