One thing that is missing for ork is seeing and editing multiple instances of same type.
For example you have 500 items and you want to see their stats gains.
You want to compare them and see how stats are destribute, which item is most powerful.
And you also want to easealy edit single data and most importanly to batch edit multiple entries.
Currently ork does not allows this out of the box.

Unreal engine has a feature called "Prperty Matrix"

Unity now also has a similar feature (potentially even better one).
It is a HUGE feature (2021.2) called "Search Tables" which is a part of search (former Quick Search).
This allows to type complex queries to search and select arbitrary objects and their properties(even nested ones)
and show them in table view. But not only show it also allows editing and multy editing of target fields.
For example you could select all items with 50 < "Power" < 100 of type "Armor" which contains term "Golden" in name and multy change some properties in them.

But sadly Ork data is not compatable with this feature..
(Although ork's nested data is saved in scriptable objects, the data itself is just a binary array stored in one field + object referencies. This prevents searching properties through files. If the data was stored in common way - via separate serialized fields - the search tables would have work, i guess.) (this also sadly prevents human friendly data merging/comparison in VCS)

Could you inverstigate the above potentially "game changing" feature?
Maybe you will find the way for it to wOrk with Ork.
Maybe you already have some plans about this matter?

  • No - while I have plans to look into stuff and potentially implement own variations of them, ORK data is not compatible with Unity's serialized stuff.

    ORK uses it's own data serialization because Unity's serialization is simply not going deep enough in the data structure and just stops at some layer. ORK has a lot of complex and deep data structures to make it's flexible systems possible, but Unity's serializer doesn't go deeper than 3 or 4 nested classes before it stops serializing (at least that was the case some time ago).
    I wish that wasn't the case, as it would also make my own life a lot easier :)
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  • Yeah.

    Serialization limit is now 10 (raised through 7) But Arrays are counted as separate layer. And you will run out of limit very quickly.

    Now I understand why data is stored the way it is stored. Thank you.)

    (but I still hope there will be an option someday to switch between binary and text data (the data will be there it is now but it would be stored in json like format)
  • Maybe in the future we will be able to customize unity's search to access ork's data.
    It seems to be possible (at least in the future versions of unity's search)
    It shoul be possible via custom search providers or custom selectors or combinations of them. (https://docs.unity3d.com/2021.2/Documentation/Manual/search-expressions.html#:~:text=Customize the search expression language)
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