I would like to have an option in editor to show only the variables that was changed.
This will allow to find needed variables much more quicer.
Some sections of Orks's editor has litterary hundreds of ui elements.
And if you changed just 2 of them you wil find them immediately with this option.
Chandged variables should be marked with some symbol. By clicking on that symbol you should be able to reset variable to default state.
(Example of this behavior exist in Untreal Engine)

There should be a toggleable button to apply this option. Which user could easily to turn on and of.
  • You mean, like, any setting that has a changed value from it's default value?
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    The "red returning arrows in square" in middle of the picture marks setting if it differs from default one (was changed). And if you click it, setting will be reset to default state.

    The "D in square" near right corner of the picture - toggle button which if toggled shows only settings thouse values was changed. If it is not toggled than all settings are shown but changed ones are marked.
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  • @gamingislove I have updated image link.
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