While editor is open.
Can I somehow access data from it through editor script.
Export the data I want into some csv file through custom exporter (script).
Modify that file in editor of my choice (exel/yupiter/googlesheet).
Import that file from cutom importer (script).
Apply the changed values into editors data through script.

Will editor behave normally as if I would have changed the settings by hand(mouse and keyboard)?
(it shold display the actual changed data) (if I hit save the data will be saved)
Is this possible? Is this normal workflow to batch modify Ork's Data externally?
  • Yes, you can access all data, just like in-game.

    It doesn't really matter if you change data via the editor or via scripts, as both just change the value of the fields.
    Just one thing to look out for is making sure to initialize stuff accordingly, e.g. often enabling a setting (e.g. a combatant overriding some default settings) will require to initialize some other setting.
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  • Good news. Thanks.
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