I was lookig this tutorial in Unity learn: https://learn.unity.com/tutorial/configuring-an-xbox-controller-for-user-input-2019-3# and I would like to adapt the new system to my game. It is possible with the new Ork 3 framework use this new system package to set the new inputs?
  • Hi @berbelias I made a video covering the starting point using ORK 2, I think the approach should be the same for ORK 3, being the main issue the new EventSystem when using UI, and core ORK call to get the Mouse Position which uses the legacy API, that's why you need to setup Unity to use both Input System, or change it in ORK code to "Mouse.current.position".
    Link to the video
    How-to ORK Framework - Use Unity's new Input System...sort of
  • You can use this Makinom input key extension to add it as a new input origin.

    You still need to use Both old and new input systems in Unity, as ORK/Makinom still rely on some standard input functionality.
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