So I have not seen too much info that can answer it for me, but I saw you answered a question regarding i think it was emerald a.i. on the asset store. So I have gotten a few bundles from humble and the asset store and yeah, My question is can I mix and match these assets to cobble together a game? So ORK if it works out is pretty much my main framework extension thing, but I have quite a few cool asset packs as well is there some kind of rule or logic involved in what can play on unity or not.
So one of the ones im really considering is GAIA by procedural worlds to build my game world because it seems to automate a lot of the work for me, kind of like ORK with a LOT of the heavy lifting done. But going through all my assets I have found that I have quite a few types of those asset packs where they handle a lot of things for me. If i just download them into Unity will they all play nice? and if not, how do I fix that or better yet find out how to fix it so that they all do, or some can. I don't even know the right questions to ask, But I figured the best place to start since the internet is giving me nothing with all the questions ive asked on the topic is here because yeah, my game idea is hopefully going to be built around this framework and i need to understand how to make it work. So I guess my question is yeah, how do I learn how to make other assets play nice with ORK? Thank you for your time, i would appreciate any kind of help you can give or possibly push in the right direction of where i can find out, maybe you have a tutorial on it or already answered it in detail. I know I have read about it somewhere on here, but I am a little dense and a slow learner and so much information, a prefab is drag and drop into any game I assume.
I guess i could just start loading random assets and see what i can do, trial by error and all that. I am a little bit more knowledgeable on Unity now.
  • Tools that handle world creation generally don't override anything that Ork already does.
    I use Gaia2021 pro alongside Ork just fine, they just do different things.
    It's different if you want to use assets that implements things like AI, inventory, gameplay mechanics.
  • Thank you Vlastan, i figured that would be the case with something like Gaia. But at the same time i was a tad bit concerned that having multiple idk "big" ?assets that do a lot of things would mess up somewhere? Im still really new to game dev I've been hard at work for 2 months watching tutorials reading unity books etc. But everything has been foundational and nobody seems to really talk about how to integrate multiple different asset packs into making a game. I have well over a thousand dollars worth of assets thanks to humble bundle and im itching to do something creative and learn, im already doing every tutorial i can and im looking for more.
    Speaking of which how do you like Gaia pro? I bought the Ukraine bundle yesterday and i spent an hour playing on Gaia 2021. I was able to actually make a terrain that didn't make me want to close the editor and try again tomorrow.
    Im already thinking about getting gena so i can get those spawner kits.
  • Gaia is a nice and powerful tool, though i found out it can get quite heavy and unpredictable at times. Before i was using Terrain Composer 2, but since i tried out Gena: a gaia expansion module that does spline editing on terrain for doing things like roads and rivers, i decided to stick with gaia and keep using the combo.
  • General rule of thumb:

    Assets that handle different things can coexist with each other without interfering. E.g. ORK and GAIA handle completely different things, so they don't have any impact on each other. You can even add ORK functionality (via components on prefabs) and have it spawned with GAIA just like any other prefab.

    Assets that handle similar things and you want to work with each other will need custom work to do so. E.g. having a 3rd party AI solution fire ORK actions needs to be implemented.

    ORK can often work with other products via reflection nodes in schematics, but you'd need to know what to do in the first place :)
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    Thank you Vlastan, I'm currently looking into Gaia and Gena so it is nice to see that it is working for you.

    Thank you Gil, I kind of understand but then I don't at the same time, I know I have a long road on my learning journey.
    knowing that it can be done is good, it is finding the knowledge that is proving difficult. So I decided to start fresh this weekend due to some technical issues. Before starting on the status values tutorials would it be better to start with the UI or the schematics ones first, and if yes what would be the best order of tutorials to go in with those three before I start again on the 54+ RPG tutorial?

    and on a side note,
    So, I am using syntys polygon fantasy pack, and I made a prefab king, with Invectors free basic controller. Using the drop down and the option of creating a basic controller and the king prefab
    I have tested it out on a blank scene and it works, animates the king doing all of those basics movements that can be done in the blank scene, moving into my ORK prefab World Scene. I have the game starter set with the makinom project schematic and the StartGame schematic from following that stand alone tutorial. In the makinom editor I updated the default combatant prefab settings to the prefab I made of the king with Invector free controller
    And I also added the same prefab to Game Controls prefab settings as well.
    When I try to start the game up my view is just of the cobblestones in the town and then it kinda feels like my character spawns through the floor and I can see him falling, he falls through the ground and I can view him falling in front of the camera. I have layer 10 set to Combatants.
    Any help on what I might do to fix this would be appreciated.

    So as an update I started a new scene added a game starter and spawn point alone with a simple plane, and its working, spawns my synty king prefab with the free invector controller set up and he is moving like he should, although the camera turning is a bit too fast for my preference,
    Going back into the World Scene I started messing with my Spawn Points, resetting and getting new Spawn IDs for the 2 spawn points included in the tutorial setup, I somehow got the Spawnpoint1 in the scene with the Spawn ID 0 now in it's Component and my synty king has shown up and seems to be working now, I guess I could just rearrange their places and make that work, any idea what may have happened so i can prevent it for next time? maybe just delete the spawn points would probably work i'm assuming.

    Alright now that i'm in. Do I need to do anything to the controls? so like all the buttons and stuff much with Invector free controller, or vice versa am I going to have to change the player controls to work with ORK? i might answer this question myself in a bit, but figured i would ask in advance in case i hit a roadblock with controls.
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  • Check out the documentation on player/camera controls. It has examples for how to use custom controls with ORK.
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
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  • Awesome thank you.
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