I'm thinking of defining a hack and slash style action RPG and one week ago I watched 3 RustedGames tutorials videos about Battle Stance and Combos attack https://youtube.com/watch?v=JzbDD7412Yc&list=PLlTjzpNeSTix5RG8ksD7pTNESNy0_wa7J&index=23 But they are made with ORK 2 Frameworks, Could adapt the same process with ORK 3? I would like to do a similar mechanics for my player (Idle, Stand battle, seath and Unsheathe weapon and combo attacks) in the tutorial videos I look for global state tabs, ORK 3 changes a bit with ORK 2 in some settings and options.
  • ORK 3 has some changes, some things have been replaced by others (or renamed/moved somewhere else), but the functionality is still the same.
    So, should still be doable.
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