Hey Friends,

So I’m messing around in the (3D) RPG Playground - imported my own fully rigged and animated character asset. Setup mecanim in ORK, and no issues. All animations play as expected. However, if I make my model the party leader, it floats, as if it loses ground detection. But when it uses Follow the Leader AI movement, it stays on the ground as expected. Any clue where to start problem solving?

Thanks in advance! I am loving ORK!
  • The player control is most likely set up to use a Character Controller for movement and you didn't add one to your combatant's prefab. That'll cause the player control to add one, and it's simply not matched with your model's position :)
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  • @gamingislove - every single time. Thank you for supporting even the most amateur of questions. I gain more and more confidence because of ORK and it’s team. I noticed one would be added at runtime, and that caused my issue, as I was at the mercy of its default values. Simply adding it to my model and tuning. Done! Attaching pic for others reference:

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