Hello @gamingislove

What is the best practice to get and consume InputKeys from custom MonoBehaviour?

Doing something like


where 4 is the "Horizontal Move" Input Key index, and 0 is the Input Setting ID of that Key, it works but looks cumbersome.
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  • Since input keys are now their own assets, you can also simply reference them as an asset (InputKeyAsset).

    If you've got an asset, you can use these static functions to get button/axis input:
    bool button = InputKey.GetButton(asset);
    float axis = InputKey.GetAxis(asset);

    They also handle checking if the asset is null, so you can just fire them without worrying about that :)
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    Got it!

    var inputKeyAssetHorizontal = GamingIsLove.Makinom.Maki.InputKeys.GetAsset(4);
    float axis = GamingIsLove.Makinom.InputKey.GetAxis(inputKeyAssetHorizontal);
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