I am trying to figure out ORK's leveling system and still can't understand how to make level up events - for example, how do I check is character leveled up(outside of battle)? It seems that it will be a change schematic on the status value, right? But how it works? Do I need to check in the conditions if it hit the max value or I missed some easier way to trigger those events?
And if I want not to increase characters stats automatically, but to let player pick a perk or increase stats manually, I need to use different experience stats with Earn on level up checked, right?
  • Level up events will be used automatically if a combatant's level increases - they're defined either in the battle settings for all combatants or in the individual combatant's status settings.

    The level up can e.g. happen via an experience status value that uses Level experience type (only one exp stat can use that), or manually via events (Level Up node).

    For having the player pick what to increase, you can e.g. use other experience status values (None experience type). Using the Earn on Level Up setting will increase them upon level up like normal status values, i.e. you can use a status development to define how many of that exp is earned on level ups.
    The exp can e.g. be used in status development Upgrade Settings, ability/research trees or Status Value Distribution menu parts.
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  • Oh ok. You've hidden it very well :D I've searched every possible way in status section of ORK and didn't even thought of looking into Combatants section for that.
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