My wife is interested in making a game similar to puzzle and dragons on the app store.
but she wants to add more rpg elements to it, would Makinom and ORK be able to help in this endeavour? I feel like it should be more than possible but im still getting used to the system. I know you have the match three tutorial on makinom, so i know that is doable, but I just wanted to double check to make sure there isnt something that im not thinking of.
  • Makinom and ORK are super flexible. ORK framework is designed to add RPG elements to Makinom, and Makinom can make almost any kind of game. I don't know puzzle and dragons, but between just the sample tutorials in Makinom and ORK, there are puzzle games, action RPGs, turn based RPGs, platformers, and third person shooters. I am sure it can be used to add RPG elements to your project. And Makinom itself is free, so you can test out the basics at will!
  • Type401 thank you for your reply. That is my understanding of ORK and Makinom. I already bought ORK and im working on trying to bring my game idea to life, but im trying to get my wife as interested in ORK as possible so she can learn it with me and help on my project as well.
    She really wants to make a game similar to that but with her own creative spin on it, so we were wondering if they could help with all of those different aspects of her game idea or just some. Idk anything about the gacha thing currently.
  • I'm a rank amateur, so my knowledge is sketchy at best! If it is a gacha game, you'll need solid online capabilities. All I know about the internet is that it is a series of tubes and some kind of superhighway, so I can't speak for ORK's tools in that regard. I'm a single-player person, myself. But it always seems like ORK and Makinom together can do anything.
  • lmao, yeah I am definitely an amateur myself, with ORK and still with Unity as well, but practice makes perfect, I'm with you on preferring single player no internet needed, looks like another thing I will need to look into. It really does seem to do a whole lot of the initial back breaking labor which is great.
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