Hello! I've asked a similar kind of question before, so I suspect I know the answer already, but checking just in case... :)

In a grid-based, turn-based battle, using Ork 3. I have a Summoner player combatant, that's working fine, summons a single AI-controlled Ally, that's linked to the Summoner.

I want to give the Summoner an ability that allows him to teleport the summoned. The target would be a grid cell within a given range of the summoned creature, that it would be teleported to.

I suspect that there is no way to do this at the moment, since range can only be calculated from the user of the ability directly, and not from another combatant linked to him - am I right?
  • Hm, yeah ... cell selections are based on the user, since those abilities don't have any targets.

    You could select a target combatant and handle teleporting to a cell around the target in the schematic, but that doesn't give the player control over which cell to teleport to.
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