For various reasons I am using Menu Screens for my inventory, I have seen that it is possible to hide/show empty slots with HUDs but I cannot find any equivalent when using Menu Screens. Is it even possible or do I have to use HUDs in order to have that option?

Thank you for any answer :)
  • The standard inventory doesn't use 'slots', so the display also doesn't have that option.

    However, there's an optional slot-based inventory system available for that, the inventory containers. You can basically manage which kind of content (e.g. items, equipment or based on item types, etc.) is stored in an inventory container and also have multiple containers.
    Displaying this inventory (with empty slots) is done via an inventory container (slots) menu part.

    There's currently no tutorial available, but it's planned to be available soon(ish) - getting Covid somewhat derailed my schedule, though :)
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