I recently got Ork 3 and I want to be able to spawn 50-200 enemies while maintaining a decent framerate. I know object pooling can really help with this. However when spawning combatants I don't see any option to enable pooling for combatants. Is there any way to be able to use object pooling for combatants?
I make a prototype in Makinom 2 where I was able to spawn this many enemies using object pooling. However I was just using object variables for stats and I had extremely simple behavior. I would like to be able to use all of Orks features, such as stats and AI with my enemies.
I'm also worried object pooling with combatants could lead to some undesirable behavior. In my prototype I got around this by having my object variables always initialize. Is there something similar that can be done with the combatant component?
  • Combatants currently don't support pooling due to that undisired behaviour.
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